What is it?

PriceDB (short for Price Database) is a very small database. Some other databases keep track of many pieces of information for every item your characters ever see. That's more information than I care about. I only want to know how much I can sell certain items for. I don't care how much [Useless Vendor Trash] is worth, nor do I care which recipes call for [Rugged Leather]. PriceDB only exists to help you buy and sell things for profit.

Using PriceDB

Most of the time, you'll use PriceDB while at the Auction House. Ahplus has a small panel perched atop the Auction House window that lets you input prices for items. There's also a button that lets you cycle through the Auction House, looking for items in PriceDB. If you search for an item that's not in PriceDB, you can add it to PriceDB by typing a price in the panel.

Starting Out

The first time you run WoW with PriceDB installed, PriceDB is empty. I don't know what you want to trade, so I won't clutter up your database. However, there are some common categories that people might like to use, so I added a slash command to add groups of items to PriceDB with a default price of 1c. You'll want to adjust those prices before selling anything, of course.

Valid arguments to "/pdb add" are: Cloth, Leather, Hides, Cured Hides, Ore, Metal, Gems, Stone, Herbs, Shards, Dust, or Essences. Not case-sensitive.

Checking Prices

Use "/pdb" and a link to get the current price for that item.

Setting Prices

Use "/pdb", a link, and a number (price in copper) to set the current price for that item. You'll only really need to use this if you're away from the AH.

Removing Items

If you no longer wish to trade in a certain item, use "/pdb remove " and the link.