The level begins with a short cutscene.
The camera zooms through the wall to show the Doppleganger twins (who you will soon confront) taking on 10 vampires at once!

You gain control here. Here's a Nazi soldier just to your left.
Feed on him if you are really low on health, or surprise-kill him.

Including that guy on the left, there are three soldiers in the circular hallway.
Kill them or feed as needed as you run around until your reach this door. You may like to break the statues.

When you go through the door, I kill all the vampires, so it's just you and the Twins.
Unfortunately, the PC port somehow broke this, vampires stand around during this cutscene.
I'll spare you the full 20 lines of threatening/flirting and just show some of the camera angles I used.

Now to the fighting! The twins try to stay out of sight behind the pillars and throw bladed swastikas at you.
You can use Dilated Perception and your speed advantage to run around the pillars and reach them,
or you can break down the pillars.

When you get one twin to half-health, they stop and explain things to you. Hitting one twin actually hurts the other.

Back to fighting! Concentrate on one twin. Or perhaps get decapitated.

Finally, one twin is defeated. It turns out that if one dies, the other does too.
You get a different cutscene depending on which twin you kill. Each cutscene is rather lengthy, with at least a dozen lines.

Your target list is updated

And the roof caves in! Probably because you broke the pillars. You did, didn't you?

Rayne wonders who could have thrown her a ladder,
but you can use Extruded Vision to find out.

Once you climb the ladder, you find that Mynce is alive! Again! She's pretending to work for Wulf so she can stop him from getting Beliar's heart and ruling the world!
Oh yes, Mynce also killed some officers for you. Another 20 line conversation with many camera angles.

Friends once more, the two of you set off to stop evil!

But a gate crashes down, separating you!

Wulf appears, and rips Mynce's heart out.

He then threatens you, while you try to break down the gate separating you.
There are gate objects representing various states of damage, but the last one will not break before Wulf leaves.

Once Wulf is gone, the remaining gate objects have their hitpoints reduced, so you can break them quickly

Mynce is really dead now. This motivates the player even more to kill Wulf.

Dang, look at that hole in her chest!
No way she's coming back!

Nothing left to do but continue to the final level.
Or see the magic torches.


Break the statues: There are 3 undamaged statues in the the circular hall.
Break them and leave the others to set up the magic torches later on.

This is not an undamaged statue. Don't break this one.

Break the Pillars: Spin kick the pillars a few times and they'll show signs of damage.

Keep kicking and they will fall. If one pillar is down, both twins die behind the remaining one.
If both pillars are down, the Twins run out to attack you head-on.

Decapitated: Rayne's model is goreparted; that is, she can be cut into pieces like many of her enemies.
This feature isn't used much, but I thought it would be great here.
If you die and are not close to either twin, I figure a swastika got you, and chop off your head.
I even captured a 120kb movie of the event. (Uses Divx)

Magic Torches: If you broke the statues properly, this secret is activated.
After mourning Mynce's demise, look up and shoot that semicircle over the doorway.

The torches in the room, and the room you just came from, glow with magical energy. Pretty.