Teachers and Traitors


When you start the mission, you are here.
Run up to the stained glass window and spin-kick or slash at it.
Or find wiggle room or activate secret ledges

Rayne crashes through the window in style.

Good news: Mynce isn't dead. Bad news: She's a Nazi
Rayne swears vengeance for this betrayal

You are now in a huge, ruined cathedral. You must kill all seven soldiers in the area.
Or use secret ledges or get the hidden gun

Once you do that, three jetpack soldiers swoop in to kill you. Kill them instead.

Once the jetpack soldiers are dead, a lone soldier comes out to attack.
He conveniently opens the locked door to the right, where Mynce is hiding.
You can make Mynce angry if you like.

Once inside the doors, Rayne attempts to reason with Mynce.

That doesn't work very well.

Hurt Mynce enough and she'll retreat up the stairs and wait for you to follow.
Once you reach her (or shoot at her like a coward), she'll fight some more.

Eventually she reaches the top of the stairs and runs through these doors.
Follow her.

On the other side is another staircase, half broken and fallen into a bottomless abyss.
Again, words fail the settle the ladies' dispute.
You can trick Mynce and win right now, but beware bounds checking.

When Mynce's health is depleted, Rayne knocks her from the staircase.

Mynce plummets into the void.

But wait! Her harpoon flies up and catches on the wall.
Mynce pulls herself up, but the wall gives way and she falls again.

Having killed the mysterious High Commander,
Rayne has no more business here

Walk through the hole and down the hall to the exit.


Wiggle room
Despite the invisible barriers designed to keep you safe on top of the walkway,
you can maneuver your way to your doom if you really want to.

Activate secret ledges
Turn around and go to the other end of the walkway. You'll see a harmless-looking pile of bricks.
Kick the bricks. You know you've done it when Rayne does the low kick, you hear a crash,
and when you attack again, Rayne doesn't do the low kick.

Use secret ledges
When you enter the great hall, you'll see three big carved rectangles on the wall in front of you.
Usually, you can't land on them, but since you activated the bricks, you can now.
You have to jump, spin-kick, and slah to reach the narrow ledges.

Once you land, look up. There are Gargoyles in the corners. Jump to these gargoyles to activate cool bonuses
Near left: Make Mynce angry.
Near right: Kill jetpack solders.
Far left: Weapons cache
Far right: Refill health

Make Mynce mad
There are three ways to make Mynce angry and use Bloodrage moves against you:
1. Use the 'secret ledge' cheat above.
2. Use aura vision to see where Mynce is before triggering the cutscene and throwing explosives at her (pictured)
3. Activate God Mode before the fight starts.

Hidden gun
You can reach the broken staircase where Mynce is defeated before you fight her.
Follow the pictures, jump to the top of the stairs, and find a machine gun to use on the soldiers below.

Trick Mynce
Once you get Mynce onto the broken staircase, it's easy to kill her.
Jump off the staircase. Mynce will run off after you and fall.

Bounds checking
Rayne's stupendous air control would let her jump around the back of the broken staircase and end up somewhere she shouldn't be.
To prevent this, I've placed and invisible barrier that reduces anyone who touches it to a fine red mist